Armoires Cuisines Action
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Armoires Cuisines Action

Project Overview

Who is Armoires Cuisines Action? A Quebec flagship with over 30 years of experience, Armoires Cuisines Action specializes in the design and manufacture of custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The company, who has won numerous awards since their founding, is constantly evolving to perfect their manufacturing practices and build dream living spaces. In addition to their transactional site, they have four branches in the Montreal suburbs.

Our collaboration with Armoires Cuisines Action began in November 2019 when we were approached to migrate their ecommerce site from a proprietary platform to Magento 2. Due to a lack of basic back-end functionalities (product import, content management and SEO fundamentals), the initial site did not allow the company to take advantage of the power of commerce in the digital age. The objective of the mandate was therefore to improve the entire customer journey (which included the modelling of the catalogue) and to provide the company with the ecommerce features necessary to accelerate their growth online.

  • Expertises
  • UX/UI design
  • Development
  • Training and support

  • Technologies
  • Magento 2
  • Bambora
  • Zoho
  • Space Designer 3D
Armoires Cuisines Action

A complete replatforming of the ecommerce site and a brand new customer journey to propel the company into the next phase of its digital ascent.

Our approach

This project once again confirmed our knowledge and expertise, and allowed us to optimize our unique approach to redesigning an ecommerce site. We executed our strategic methodology consisting of various workshops and a data analysis phase to propose solutions consistent with the company's vision. This precise process allowed us to deliver the mandate in a timely manner.

Armoires Cuisines Action

UX/UI Design

To meet the needs of the company—and by skillfully identifying product specificities—our design team completely reviewed and rethought the customer journey. The result is a simplified experience, which allows Armoires Cuisines Action customers to shop, discover decorative inspiration and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the many materials.

Armoires Cuisines Action Armoires Cuisines Action

Magento development

Replatforming and revising the entire customer journey enabled us to enrich our expertise with a view toward continuous improvement. We equipped the transactional site with core ecommerce functionalities like complex product import, catalogue modelling and content management. We were also able to integrate advanced rules for shipping and product types to effectively support business operations.

  • E-Commerce features
  • Inspirations section
  • Bambora integration
  • Zoho integration
  • Advanced promotions
  • Advanced shipping rules
  • Blog section

Scope of work

    • Project
    • Armoires Cuisines Action
      Magento 2
    • Collaborators
    • Maude Naud van Gennip: Marketing Director
    • Amélie Prince: Marketing Team Lead
    • November 2019
  • UX/UI design
  • Information architecture
  • User flow diagram
  • Interactive wireframe
  • Responsive design
  • Complete style guide
  • Landing page design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Magento development
  • Inspiration section integration
  • Bambora integration
  • Zoho integration
  • Advanced promotions
  • Advanced shipping rules
  • Blog section