Alternative eCommerce Agency


Why alternative? We don’t believe in the typical client-agency interaction. Great projects are conceived from team collaboration, not from requirements and specs. Combining our skills and effort is the key to your success.

We’ve been there

We’ve been there

Having worked on both the “client side” and the “agency side,” our two founders know both realities well. They thrive on being able to combine their experience to provide solutions that empower your organization.

Proximity is key

Developing close relationships with our partners is essential for us. It guarantees your team the precise support and skills it needs without being intrusive.


Dedication and commitment are what it takes to achieve your goals in this fast-paced industry. As challenges present themselves along the way, we’ll turn them into profit.

Proximity is key


Let’s get concrete and discover the TWO DEV approach.

What do we do?

UX/UI, development, digital marketing. From individual skills to ecommerce expertise.

How do we operate?

With agility and proximity. A proven methodology combined with close collaboration.

Who’s in charge?

No middle man. The one who knows is the one who does.

What to expect?

Pure expertise and dedication. Always.

When things get critical?

Always available. Your website is 24/7 all year long, and so are we.

What’s on the bill?

No surprises: What you see is what you pay (WYSIWYP).

What we stand for

What we stand for

Every decision we take is based on tried-and-true standards we build and share with our team.

Work Ethics

Do What You LOVE, LOVE What You Do

It’s the only way to get things right. We stick to our proven work processes because we believe in them. We give the best of ourselves because we are passionate about our work. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Team Spirit

All for One, and One for All

We are team players who work for the success of your business. We share our knowledge, we listen. Our best ideas are those that cannot be attributed to one person. The most ambitious objectives are achieved in unison.


For Everyone and From Everyone

A workplace should be a place where you feel confident. However, without respect, no trust can be built. All our clients, collaborators and stakeholders are treated as we would like to be. We are committed to honouring everyone’s differences. Without a plurality of voices, there is no possible harmony.


Stop Selling, Start Helping

Being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand their reality, their issues, their aims and their apprehensions is the only way to begin a transformative relationship. “Help” is one of our favourite words.


Turn Problems Into Profits

The challenges that arise along the way lead to new avenues. By thinking outside the box, by pushing your ideas further to create solutions that have an impact, you increase the growth of your business tenfold.