Bicycles Quilicot
The Passion for Cycling

Bicycles Quilicot

Project Overview

Who is Bicycles Quilicot? Founded in 1915, Bicycles Quilicot is the oldest store in Montreal specializing in the sale of bicycles. The chain now has seven boutiques in Montreal, the North Shore and Mont-Tremblant. What sets the century-old company apart from the competition? Their history, their expertise and, above all, their passion for cycling, with more than 10,000 products offered in stores and on their transactional site.

Our collaboration with Bicycles Quilicot began in April 2019 when we first met with the owners and the ecommerce team who all wanted a seasoned agency to take over the maintenance of their platform. After several unsuccessful collaborations with small agencies and freelancers, their expectations were high and their bugs list was extensive . After a few months of debugging and stabilization, we conducted a major overhaul of the code on the back end and a complete revamping of the user experience to support their corporate vision and growth.

  • Expertises
  • UX/UI design
  • Development
  • Digital marketing
  • Training and support

  • Technologies
  • Magento 2
  • Lightspeed
  • Akeneo
  • Probance
  • ShipStation
Bicycles Quilicot

A complete code overhaul and a brand-new design to cement Bicycles Quilicot’s online presence.

Our approach

For this redesign, we modified our usual strategic approach by deciding to organize the work around the different touchpoints of the site (the interactions between the customer and the brand) in order to have the maximum amount of impact in the shortest amount of time. We started with the navigation before moving on to the purchase funnel, then ended on a high note with a detailed product page and a stunning homepage.

Bicycles Quilicot

UX/UI Design

To fully actualize Bicycles Quilicot’s vision and brand identity, our design team came up with an entirely modern user experience, including practical and clear navigation, attractive landing pages and an ultra-fast purchase funnel. This brand-new design sets Bicycles Quilicot apart in their industry, helps them outpace the competition and does justice to their entrepreneurial spirit.

Bicycles Quilicot Bicycles Quilicot

Magento development

Refactoring the back end code and revamping the design piece-by-piece allowed us to deploy a new, tailored approach to deliver fast and, most importantly, continuous results. Encouraged by this success, we continued to deliver countless optimization, integration and large-scale projects to support the growth of Bicycles Quilicot’s business.

  • E-Commerce features
  • Lightspeed integration
  • ShipStation integration
  • Probance integration
  • Multi-inventory
  • Intelligent search
  • Blog section

Scope of work

    • Project
    • Bicycles Quilicot
      Magento 2
    • Collaborators
    • Marc-André Lebeau: President
    • Clément Boës: Ecommerce and Marketing Director
    • Bicycles Quilicot’s ecommerce team
    • April 2019
  • UX/UI design
  • Information architecture
  • User flow diagram
  • Interactive wireframe
  • Responsive design
  • Complete style guide
  • Landing page design
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO onsite optimization
  • SEM/PPC campaigns
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Magento development
  • Custom design integration
  • Lightspeed integration
  • ShipStation integration
  • Probance integration
  • Multi-inventory
  • Core Web Vitals optimization